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Apps Like & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today Medal helps you share and watch epic gaming moments with your closest friends. Created by Medal B.V. Medal helps you share and watch epic gaming moments with your closest friends. Record gaming highlights on PC and sends them to your phone. Watch new clips from your friends and the world each day. See what your friends are playing and chat with them.RECORDGo to on your PC, download the clip recorder, and your recordings will show up instantly in the app! • Hassle-free and lag-free clip recording• Works with pretty much everything: Fortnite, COD: BO4, Roblox, PUBG, etc.• Highlights automatically show up on your phone• Customizable hotkeys and clip lengths • Easy on the GPU • Free cloud storage• Share clips directly to Discord, iMessage, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.• Fully synced to the Medal app More Info »WATCH• Stories of the best highlights each day• Watch only the games that you care about• Upvote and comment• Favorite clips and save them to your profileCHAT• Follow your friends• See what they are playing live• Share clips in DMs and group chat• Manage your chats with tools like mods, kicking, banning. and its detailed information

You would have heard about the gaming revolution which has taken place around the world recently. This has opened the gates for many gaming options for people. This Includes gaming applications, streaming options, and many more. The most important thing is to showcase our gaming skills and techniques. In this case, is the most efficient application for you to showcase your skills and talent to the world. This application enables you to record your gameplay and post it with only one click. There is a lot more to talk about this topic. Let’s take a detailed look at 

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2Apps Like & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 1XSplit Gamecaster WindowsFreemiumWebsite
3Apps Like & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 2Gecata Steam

Features of

● Recording without any lag
You would have experienced that when you record your gameplay, your game starts lagging. This is because the frame rate starts dropping, which leads to the lagging of your game. You would not face any such issue with because it is lag-free. It will not affect your gameplay while recording your screen. Therefore, this is one
of the useful features of

● One-click to upload
You can upload the recorded gameplay of yours and upload it on without any major procedure. As soon as the recording ends, you can upload the clip with just a single tip. This makes it very easy for you to make yourself look pro or experienced in front of people watching your clips on This will help you to make friends who share similar gaming views and ideas the same as you. Therefore, this feature of is very interesting and useful to you.

● Works on every game
There is no restriction of this app working on every game. The most common games like Fortnite, etc. can also be recorded by this app. You just have to start the recording and let the app start recording your gameplay. You would not face any lag or back play while playing the game. This makes very useful for you to record any game you play without facing any lag. There are some games which require no background apps to run when you are playing. Therefore, there is no restriction on any app to record its gameplay.

Let’s take a look at most asked questions regarding

• Does this app work on every game?
Yes, this application works on eve4ry game you play. You can play every game like Fortnite, GTA and every other type and record your gameplay from

• Will the game starts lagging when it is recorded from
No, you would not experience any lag when you start recording your gameplay from This makes it very useful to record your gameplay.

• Can you upload your gameplay on this app?
Yes, you can upload your excellent gameplay on without any problem. You are only one click away from uploading your clips to let people see your video.

• Can you share the clips with your friends?
Yes, you can add your friends and share clips to let them see. This makes it very useful for you to share your skills.

• Is this app safe to use?
It is the most secure app to record your game and let your friends watch your skills and talent.