Apps Like mintMe & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

mintMe mintMe revolutionizes how people help each other by allowing both sides to earn through an… Created by mintMe mintMe is here to revolutionize how people help each other by allowing both sides to earn through an innovative way of crowdfunding. A Platform for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) token generation and exchange; a digital marketplace where traders, creators, and any users can hold, buy and sell cryptocurrencies using digital assets supported by us. Based on the Webchain Blockchain, it’s gathering all of the innovative features of this modern technology: security, speed, and trust, overcoming issues that other crowdfunding platforms present. In mintMeโ€™s platform, anyone has the possibility of creating a token that represents him/her self or projects, allowing them to back it up with their original creations and content, being able to promote it to a huge set of possible supporters and buyers in order to obtain support for their campaigns. At the same time, the created tokens are part of a trading chart where investors of all kinds can also keep the possibilities of earning from it either by offering the tokens for a higher price or holding them. mintMe is also a social platform where cryptocurrency traders can interact with token creators and other traders, which signifies the best environment for business growth, partnership and market. Reach your maximum potential as a content creator, growing and letting people know about you; Expand your possibilities as a trader and support people in which you believe, you can achieve anything at mintMe!…

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Bandcamp Web Android
Freemium Website
2 Goteo Web Free Website
3 Kickstarter Web iPhone Commercial Website
4 SelfStarter Web Mac
Free Website
5 Liberapay Web Free Website
6 Charitable WordPress
Freemium Website
7 Patreon Web Android
Android Tablet
Commercial Website
9 Crowd Supply Web Free Website
10 Buy Me A Coffee Web Free Website

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