Apps Like P2S3 & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

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P2S3 This utility securely generates a S3 Signed URL. Created by FoxUSA This utility securely generates a S3 Signed URL. You can send someone this link to allows them to upload a file to S3 without requiring you to creating them an IAM account or give them credentials. This method uses the getSignedUrl method provided by AWS.Once you generate the URL, ether send the signed url and a link to this app. Or send a single combined link.The max file size supported is 5 GB.Usecases More Info ยปYou are a consultant and need a way of uploading a file securely to a clients account. Say if your client didn’t provide you with something like DropBox.Want to upload a file from another PC to S3 but do not want to log into AWS account or transfer your keys to the machine.

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 S3 Browser Windows Freemium Website
2 MSP360 Drive Windows Commercial Website
3 Storage Made Easy Web
Microsoft Office Suite
Java Mobile
Windows Phone
Commercial Website
4 Cyberduck Mac
Free Website
5 Bucket Explorer Windows Commercial Website
6 MSP360 Explorer Alternatives and Similar Software Windows Free with limited functionality Website
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