9 Alternative & Similar Apps for Palantir Metropolis & Comparisons

Palantir Metropolis Integrate, enrich, model, and analyze any kind of quantitative data. Created by Palantir Palantir builds software that connects data, technologies, humans and environments.

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Palantir Metropolis

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 ClueMaker Mac
Commercial Website
2 Looker Web Commercial Website
3 AnswerMiner Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Freemium Website
4 Orion Magic Windows Commercial Website
5 Tableau Web Mac
Commercial Website
6 IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Windows Commercial Website
7 VizKey Windows Commercial Website
8 Linkurious Web Commercial Website
9 SIREN.io Mac
Commercial Website

Reasons why ClueMaker is a good alternative to Palantir Metropolis

The ClueMaker platform has many benefits. For example, it has the ability to integrate, enrich, model, and analyze any kind of quantitative data. It is more intuitive than Palantir Metropolis by providing graphical tools that are easy to use. Furthermore, it offers a collaborative environment where you can share your work with colleagues or clients in real-time. Lastly, ClueMaker’s open-source nature allows you to customize the software for your needs.

Reasons why Looker is a good alternative to Palantir Metropolis

Data has become a vital asset to many businesses, but organizational teams often lack the skills needed to transform raw data into valuable insights. As a result, business intelligence solutions often use expensive software. Looker is an analytics platform that provides one complete solution for analyzing, integrating, and modeling any type of quantitative data—all without requiring any programming skills. It’s cheaper than other BI software, and it offers more features than other analytic tools on the market today.

Reasons why AnswerMiner is a good alternative to Palantir Metropolis

AnswerMiner is a good alternative to Palantir Metropolis because it integrates, enriches, models, and analyzes any kind of quantitative data. AnswerMiner provides customizable options where the user can choose the specific data they need to analyze and access these insights with an account. Unlike other competitors such as TIDE and Tableau, you do not need to buy separate software to collect data or for your data to be mapped onto a geographical location.

Reasons why Orion Magic is a good alternative to Palantir Metropolis

Until recently, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been reliant on a single vendor for their intelligence platform. With the recent release of Orion Magic in 2017, they no longer have to worry about a monopoly in the industry. When it comes to data analytics and intelligence, there are two types: closed sourced and open sourced. Closed-sourced intelligence is when all the data is stored on a single computer system that only one organization has access to.

Reasons why Tableau is a good alternative to Palantir Metropolis

Tableau, a data visualization software company, is seen as an alternative to Palantir Metropolis. Tableau doesn’t need much technical knowledge to use the program and its function. It’s also extremely quick and easy to learn. Tableau’s graphical interface allows it to be used by people with no prior mapping or data analysis experience at all. Furthermore, its built-in data engine allows for quick querying of data sources, which can be done visually or via programming language.