Apps Like Rax & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Rax Universal React-compatible render engine from Alibaba. Created by Alibaba Rax is a universal JavaScript library built and used by that has a largely React compatible API.FEATURESFast: blazing fast virtual DOM.Tiny: 8.0 KB minified + gzipped.Universal: works in browsers, weex and Node.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 RiotJS Web   Free Website
3 Preact   Self-Hosted Free Website
4 mithril Web   Free Website
5 stenciljs Web Mac
Free Website
6 Microsoft Web Framework   Self-Hosted Free Website
7 React Web Mac
Free Website
8 Marko   Self-Hosted Free Website
9 Webix UI   Mac
Chrome OS
Blackberry 10
Windows Phone
Android Tablet
Commercial Website
10 Gem.js Web Mac
Free Website
11 Svelte   Self-Hosted Free Website
12 Vue.js   Self-Hosted Free Website

Reasons why RiotJS is a good alternative to Rax

  • Rax is hard to learn
  • Rax has a steep learning curve
  • RiotJS is easy to learn
  • RiotJS is not as complex as Rax
  • You can do common tasks using only one line of code
  • RiotJS’s documentation is helpful

Reasons why Preact is a good alternative to Rax

  • Preact is a more modern alternative
  • Preact is not as complex
  • Preact is smaller in size
  • Preact is faster
  • Preact simplifies data binding
  • Preact has better documentation

Reasons why mithril is a good alternative to Rax

  • Mithril is cheaper than Rax
  • Mithril is lighter than Rax
  • Mithril is stronger than Rax
  • Mithril doesn’t melt like Rax does
  • Mithril doesn’t corrode like Rax does
  • Mithril has a more durable finish that lasts longer

Reasons why stenciljs is a good alternative to Rax

  • Stenciljs is open source
  • Stenciljs is much easier to learn than Rax
  • Stenciljs is not as outdated as Rax
  • Stenciljs has a better interface
  • Stenciljs is more popular on GitHub
  • The developer of stenciljs, Jake Archibald, created the “Hello World

Reasons why React is a good alternative to Rax

  • React is less opinionated, making it easy to integrate with other frameworks
  • It’s more intuitive and easy to learn
  • React has a large community of maintainers and contributors
  • It’s easier to code in React than it is to code in Rax
  • React supports both functional and imperative styles
  • React has a lot of functionality that Rax lacks