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SauceNAO Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps Alternatives to SauceNAO for Web, Linux, Chrome, Windows, Mac and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 16 apps similar to SauceNAO. SauceNAO is a reverse image search engine. The name ‘SauceNAO’ is derived from a slang form of “Need to know the source of this Now! If you’re looking for more info about SauceNAO like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

SauceNAO: A Search Engine

If we ask you what is Google, you will say we are a fool as this is a very common question whose answer is no need to give as everybody knows it already. We know that Google is a search engine and we can search anything about which we write it in the search bar and press the enter or search button. Just like this, there is a technology where images are searched, not on the basis of text typed but on the basis of the image uploaded or picture captured. This technology is reverse engine search technology. This feature is not known by many of the people and even this, that Google supports this type of search.

Other than Google, this type of reverse image search engine technology is also found in the very popular website that is SauceNAO. This Site came into the picture in the year 2008. That time the number of pictures available on this website was not more. After this, all the site began to grow and up to the year 2012, it got a huge collection of the image from various resources. There are many features of this website. Let’s know some of them with the help of the following points.

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SauceNAO Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Web Free Website
2 TinEye Web
Free Personal Website
3 Safe Design iPhone
Commercial Website
4 Qwant Images Web Free Website
5 Yandex.Images Web Free Website
6 NISE Linux Free Website
7 PicsLikeThat Web Free Website
8 NooBox Chrome Mac
Free Website
9 DriverLayer Image Search Engine Web Free Website
10 Image Search Options Mac
Free Website
11 RevIMG Web Free Website
12 PhotoSearch Alternatives and Similar Software Online
Google Chrome
Free Website
13 Web Free Website
14 IQDB Web Free Website
15 Google Images Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps Online Free Website

Some important features of SauceNAO

  • The very first feature of this is that it provides the reverse image search engine. In this method, you just need to upload any image in the search bar and press the search or enter button. Just after a few seconds, you will get a set of many options of images matching with the image you uploaded to search.
  • The image provided here is from the sources which provide the HD quality images with a clear view.  All the images in the search result can be checked easily and can be downloaded too very easily in hard quality.
  • The search technology used on this website is always on testing and experiment progress. It is so that you can get every latest technology used in this field just then when it comes on the market.
  • The technology used in this website is even better than IQDB technology, used in many similar websites and apps.


Q-What does it mean by IQDB?

A-The full form of IQDB is the International qualification of the database. This is a technology which is based on applied science and engineering. The aim of this technology is to provide the world with some great experience which they need but don’t know.

Q-What are some common sources from where most of the images are linked on this website?

A-Most of the images available on this website is from movies, Tv shows, Web Series, Anime, Manga, and other similar websites.

Q-What does the word SauceNAO  mean?

A- SauceNAO  is actually a slang word. This word is derived from the sentence “Need to know the source of this Now!”.

Q-Who is the designer of this website?

A-This website is designed by Xamayon?