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Solaris Unified, node-based USD environment for Lighting | Lookdev | Layout | Rendering Created by Side Effects Software Inc. Solaris brings a new context called LOPS, or lighting operators, that brings native USD [Universal Scene Description] support to Houdini to allow for comprehensive lookdev, layout and lighting workflows.* Geometry brought into LOPS becomes USD – USD remains USD while in LOPS.* Solaris provides a visual editor for working with USD.* Solaris supports a wide variety of lookdev, layout and lighting tasks.* Solaris is a new context in Houdini Core, Houdini FX, Houdini Indie and Houdini Apprentice – not a separate application.* A new USD-compliant renderer called SideFX Karma Render was announced for Solaris/USD * This new renderer works with Hydra for fast IPR. * This will be a fast CPU-based renderer with a GPU version of it being developed for a future release. * Solaris also works with other Hydra-compliant renderers such as RenderMan….

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