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Spatial Sound Card Upgrade your Headphones to 5.1 surround sound for free. Created by NEW AUDIO TECHNOLOGY GmbH Spatial Sound Card replaces the USB box that comes with 5.1 surround headphones, so that you can have surround sound on regular headphones for free. Also includes a volume booster and psycho-acoustic bass boost.Breathtaking Movie Experience Thanks to the virtual surround sound loudspeaker system provided by the Spatial Sound Card, you can now have a breathtaking cinema-like movie experience on the go. just put on your headphones, fire up the app, and go! More Info ┬╗Professional GamingYou’ll be able to precisely hear where your opponents are, thanks to the integrated high-quality virtual surround loudspeaker system. We also support an optional low-latency mode optimized for professional gaming.Amazing MusicMost chart hits are mastered for Hi-Fi stereo systems. They won’t sound as good on headphones. The Spatial Sound Card can simulate a virtual loudspeaker system for you, so that you can enjoy your music the way it was meant to sound. Powerful and amazing.How does this work?Regular headphones have two membranes. When you buy 5.1 headphones, you also get hardware with just two membranes. The key difference is that USB box which will control the two membranes in such a way that it sounds like surround sound. This app replaces the USB box. For free.Is this better than “Vendor X” Surround Sound?Probably yes. We’re coming from a movie production background, so we value sound quality above everything else. Our app will use more CPU power than competing solutions, but in exchange you will get much more realistic results. All competing surround sound apps or USB boxes that I know of use pure mathematical algorithms for their virtual surround sound. In contrast, we measured Hi-Fi loudspeaker systems in various arrangements in professional recording studios.

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Spatial Sound Card

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Razer Surround Windows Freemium Website
2 Letasoft Sound Booster Discontinued Windows Commercial Website
3 Boom 2 Mac
Commercial Website
8 ViPER4Windows Windows Free Website
9 DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software Windows Free Website