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StepTree StepTree, TreeMap Visualization of Harddrive & Files Created by Thomas Bladh StepTree, TreeMap Visualization of Harddrive & FilesThis application draws on ideas from the last 15 or so years of research on a type of space filling visualization called Tree-Maps (first introduced in the early nineties by Ben Shneiderman). It is basically a Tree-Map extended into three dimensions where the size of files and directories is mapped to area in the visualization. Thus the area of a directory in the visualization is an aggregate of the sizes of all its descendants (subdirectories and files)…. More Info »Visualization tools of this type have been used to visualize everything from files systems, aggregates of huge datasets on customer activity, the daily price change of stocks on the stock market (by sector, country etc.) and individual trader performance.My application is experimental and therefore limited to the visualization of file system hierarchies. For more generalized business intelligence visualization solutions along the lines described above (including scatter plots, heat maps, stacked area charts etc.) you you may want to check out Panopticon Software. S applications JobTimer and JustJot.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 JDiskReport Mac
Free Website
3 SpaceMonger Windows Commercial Website
4 WizTree Windows Free Website
5 DaisyDisk Alternatives and Similar Software Mac Commercial Website
6 Filelight Windows
Free Website
7 FolderSizes Windows Commercial Website
8 WinDirStat Windows Free Website
9 SpaceObServer Windows Commercial Website
10 K4DirStat Linux
Free Website
11 TreeSize Professional Alternatives and Similar Software Windows
Free with limited functionality Website
12 ncdu Mac
Free Website
13 Baobab Homebrew


Free Website
14 DiskUsage Android Tablet
Free Website
15 SpaceSniffer Windows Free Website
16 Folder Size (by Brio) Windows Free Website
17 GrandPerspective Mac Free Personal Website
18 RidNacs Windows Free Website
19 OmniDiskSweeper Mac Free Website
20 Scanner Alternatives and Similar Software Windows Free Website
21 Xinorbis Windows Free Website
Thomas M. Stewart

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