Apps Like Swite & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Swite Create a website with content from your social networks. Created by Switecom Swite lets you create and manage a site that’s synced with your social network posts, photos and videos.FeaturesMOBILE – Not just a mobile responsive site, but also creation and management from any mobile device.FAST – Your site will be created in seconds. Adding content and personalizing your site is just as fast.PERSONAL – Add a personalized domain and create a personalized email to make the most out of your online presence.CONNECTED – Your site grows when you publish things online, giving you one, unified presence….

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Pulse Uno Web Freemium Website
3 Web Freemium Website
4 My Static Page Web Free Website
5 Wall Of Me Web Free Website
6 Hoverboard Web Free Website
7 Pixelhub Web Freemium Website
8 Somebody Web Freemium Website
9 Carrd Web Freemium Website

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