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Apps Like Tandem & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Tandem With Shared Gmail Labels by Tandem you can: – Share Gmail Labels with team. Created by Fame Labs Team Collaboration right from GmailTandem streamlines team collaboration and makes it quick and efficient.With Tandem you can:Share Gmail Labels with team.Do away with Forwards and CCsKeep information within your team in syncUse the unique email IDs assigned to every shared label, to enable direct emailing from external partners/customers to the collaborators of the shared label.Features:Shared Gmail Labels:- Tandem synchronises Gmail amongst various collaborators in under 2 minutes- Can share a label with unlimited collaborators- Can create unlimited sub-labels More Info Β»Group Email- Email addresses assigned to labels can be shared with external partners, conversation using these are then automatically shared with entire team- Each Tandem shared label comes with own email address- Using Google Apps marketplace, enables you to have a custom address like @.

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