Apps Like webOS Open Source Edition & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

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webOS Open Source Edition webOS is a web-centric and usability-focused software platform for smart devices. Created by LG Electronics webOS is a web-centric and usability-focused software platform for smart devices. The operating system has constantly evolved, passing through its journey from Palm to HP, and most recently to LG Electronics. Now, we are releasing webOS as an open source project, named webOS Open Source Edition (OSE).Powerful and Easy-to-use Open Software PlatformwebOS OSE is a powerful and versatile software platform, reflecting the innovative features applied to various electronic products ranging from display products to mobile devices and home appliances. More Info ยปWeb developers can easily build apps and services for webOS OSE. With the initial release, you can port webOS OSE to Raspberry Pi 3 for use in your own projects. It will be extended in the coming future to be used for other kinds of devices with various form factors.Highly Optimized Open Source Web App FrameworkwebOS OSE uses Enact as the Web app framework. Enact is an open source Web app framework which is built upon React UI library and optimized for webOS. Enact not only facilitates app development, but also provides reliable performance regardless of the size and complexity of the apps.Open Platform for All Industries and ParticipantsTaking a step further from webOS on display products, LG Electronics is planning to extend the webOS deployment to more diverse business areas. We will incorporate the new features derived from these processes into webOS OSE sequentially according to our roadmap.

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webOS Open Source Edition

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Replicant Android Free Website
2 Android Android
Android Tablet
Android Wear
Free Website
3 Ubuntu Touch Linux Free Website
4 Resurrection Remix OS Android Free Website
5 /e/ Android Tablet
Free Website
6 LineageOS Android Tablet
Free Website
7 MIUI Android Free Website
8 iOS iPhone
Apple Watch
Free Website
9 Sailfish OS Self-Hosted Free Website
10 Plasma Mobile Linux Free Website
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