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Share Your Secrets Secretly With Whisper 

We all have some secrets to share, but we don’t do share them that often with anyone, because we are always afraid to be judged. But as the maxim goes, ‘sharing is caring’ we can let off a lot mental burden, if we get a platform where we can share our personal and professional stuff without any fear of being judged. In this day and age of technology and social media, there was a space for such a platform. Creators of whisper sensed that void and came up with this unique platform, where people can share anything from anywhere without any fear of being targeted.

How does whisper work?

It works on the same principle as other social media platforms work. The anonymity is its niche; whisper allows you to post your experiences, observations without giving up anything about your identity. You can interact with random posts, random conversations without any formality. It’s an open sea of unshared emotions.

Security measures

Everyone who uses this platform feels the same way. The platform has managed to develop very good decorum for its users; it urges users to follow the protocol, do not hit below the belt and use foul languages. Anyone who tries to defy the protocol set by the platform can be barred from using whisper forever.

Starting off

You may get some time in being acquainted with the platform. When you have just started with the whisper, you can start by reading top posts, which can be accessed from the main tab. Once you get the hang of it, you can create similar posts.

Find Top 10

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1 Anossage Web Free Website
2 Swiflie Android
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3 Jodel Android Tablet
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4 GoPseudo App Android
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5 Web Free Website
6 Lipsi iPhone
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7 Web Free Website
8 Faceless Android Free Website
10 iPhone
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