10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Archive-It & Comparisons

Archive-It A web archiving service to harvest and preserve di.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Stillio Automatic Screenshots Web Mac
Commercial Website
3 Archive.st Web Free Website
4 blit Web Mac
Chrome OS
Android Tablet
Commercial Website
5 ArchiveBox Alternatives and Similar Software Mac
Free Website
6 Wayback Machine Web
Firefox Free Website
7 Snapchive Software as a Service (SaaS) Commercial Website
8 Competitor Screenshots Web


Freemium Website
9 Archive.is Web Free Website
10 Time Travel Web Free Website

Reasons why Stillio is a good alternative to Archive-It

One may want to consider the use of Stillio as an alternative to Archive-It. There are many reasons as to why this is a good idea, such as how it has the ability to create high-resolution images of webpages and it will allow up to three searches which can’t be conducted through the use of Archive-It.
Stillio doesn’t require users to register an account and it also allows for more collections than Archive-It (e.g. PDFs).

Reasons why Archive is a good alternative to Archive-It

Web archiving services such as Archive and Archive-It are important tools for the preservation of the web. These services allow users to archive and preserve their desired webpages and can give instruction on what needs to be archived for future reference. The main difference between Archive and other similar services is that it does not rely on volunteers which can cause accessibility issues.

Reasons why blit is a good alternative to Archive-It

Archives-It is the free web archiving service of the Internet Archive. They accept requests to archive English language websites on their Wayback Machine, but archives only the last 30 days of new content. Blit archives any website without limits on time or size.
Blit is an alternative to Archives-It because it allows for unlimited archiving of any part of a website, without constraints on time or size.

Reasons why ArchiveBox is a good alternative to Archive-It

ArchiveBox, a free and open source service, is a good alternative to Archive-It. Archive-It is a convenient web archiving service that its users can use for their research needs. One of the main reasons why ArchiveBox is a better alternative to Archive-It is because it has a vast collection of media channels including newspaper archives, video games, and data sets.

Reasons why Wayback Machine is a good alternative to Archive-It

Wayback Machine is a web archiving service that is used as an alternative to Archive-It. Wayback Machine differs from other archiving services in that it provides archives of content outside of the domain, which makes it more versatile than Archive-It. It also archives web pages before they are taken down by their host site, which can be helpful for preserving websites with potential historical importance. Wayback Machine also has the ability to archive email lists and blogs.