10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons

Eva FTM A voice training app for trans men and (other) trans masculine people. Created by Exceptional Voice, Inc Eva (Exceptional Voice App) is a voice-training mobile app for transgender people.We know how difficult it is to masculinize your voice; that’s why we have developed this unique interactive coaching program. Eva guides you step-by-step through a series of lessons and courses. Eva’s real-time voice analysis tools provide instant visual feedback for you to immediately know if you’re on target with all the elements that make up your successful masculine voice — breath flow, pitch, resonance and more…. More Info »Eva’s unique voice training methodology consists of video-based instruction and practice, as well as several targeted self-guided exercises per lesson that use specially designed visual tools to translate your voice output into an easily recognizable representation on screen. These visually interactive tools provide you with a straightforward and playful learning experience.The FREE Eva FTM app comes with our uniquely designed pitch-tuner tool, so you can evaluate your voice right away. Voice training lessons are available as in-app purchases for only $4.99 each.We currently offer two lessons–Eva M Breathe and Eva M Pitch–which lay the foundation for building a full, rich masculine voice. The techniques and exercises are designed for trans* (including genderqueer and non-binary) people who are beginning to masculinize their voices. Whether you’re early in your gender transition, have been living full time for years, or are not planning a gender transition, the exercises and strategies will help you speak with a masculine voice.New lessons will be added soon. The basic course will include a total of 10 lessons.NOTE: Eva FtM 2.0 is NOT compatible with iPhones 4 or 4s.

Do you know about Eva FTM Take A Look

In this article, we are going to introduce you to an amazing app. Have you heard about Eva FTM? 

Do not worry we are going to reveal its features and functions. Eva FTM is a voice changing application. It does not change the voice. In fact, shows and trains how to get a masculine voice. Some people are not very comfortable with their voice. When it comes to transgender men or any other category. The major issue faced by them is the voice. As they still have to work hard to have a masculine voice. This doesn’t go with their body. It looks the opposite completely. Which is why changing the way they sound becomes a priority. Transgender people face a lot of problems. If you are looking to make your voice pleasing, this is the answer. You must be wondering how it can change the voice.

Well the Eva FTM is one of the most prominent apps. On this app, you will get many tutorials related to this. It provides the classes and appropriate information. There are several tutorials conducted. To be honest, there is no other application like EVA FTM. All you have to do is install this application. The Exceptional Voice creates the EVA FTM. In short and simple words, it is an exceptional voice app. This can be easily installed on your mobile phones. Yes! You can operate this application by using your phone. It teaches how to hold breath and volume while talking. Here everything happens step by step. There are two types of lessons Eva M Breathe and Eva M Pitch. As their name suggests. Pitch and breathe. These two factors play a very significant part. The least you have to do to get a heavy masculine voice. Just take these classes. 

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 1 DevTube Web   Free Website
2 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 2 VidLii Web   Free Website
3 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 3 Flote Web Android
Free Website
4 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 4 Rumble Web   Free Website
6 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 5 Hooktube Web
YouTube Free Website
7 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 6 Viduro Web Android
Android Tablet
Free Website
8 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 7 Seekmash Web   Free Website
9 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 8 DTube Web   Free Website
10 10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Eva FTM & Comparisons 9 YouTube Web Chrome OS
Apple TV
Fire TV
Android Tablet
Freemium Website

Details about Eva FTM

● This application will be a perfect step by step tutorial. Eva FTM provides visual tools to work on the voice.

● Eva FTM has virtual classes to offer. Only appreciate suggestions are made here 

● Apart from this, there are two other types of lessons Eva M Breathe and Eva M Pitch. These lessons are quite affordable.

● The above-mentioned coaching classes just cost $4.99. 

● The coaching classes help to work on the voice as effective exercises are suggested. 

● The Eva FTM is a virtual coaching centre that helps to get a masculine voice.


  • What is Eva FTM?

Eva is an application. This is made for the trans men. This provides them with accurate assistance to get a masculine voice. 

  • From which device should I install this application?

Eva FTM is a smartphone application. This app can be installed very easily.

  • How can I change my voice?

The Eva FTM is just like a tutor as this app will offer visual tools. Many coaching sessions take place. 

  • How is it beneficial for Trans men?

The pitch of the voice is quite dissimilar—Eva FTM guides in the right direction. The volume of the pitch and the breath is taught to control.

Reasons why DevTube is a good alternative to Eva FTM

Every trans man goes through a process that is unique to them when they decide to begin their transition. It can be a time of insecurity and vulnerability, but is also a time of power and transformation. The voice training app for trans men called Eva FTM provides a voice coaching framework to help people who identify as male make the changes they need in order to communicate effectively.

Reasons why VidLii is a good alternative to Eva FTM

VidLii and Eva FTM both offer a way for trans men to practice their voice. Eva FTM is a voice training app that offers a simple-to-use interface and provides different tutorials on how to change the pitch, resonance, and other aspects of the voice. However, Vidlii also offers an alternative as it includes videos with transgender men talking about their experiences as well as poses challenges such as talking in different accents to help train the voice.

Reasons why Flote is a good alternative to Eva FTM

Flote is an alternative to the voice training app Eva FTM. It offers a comprehensive guide to vocal transformation including techniques for reducing chest voice, adopt a masculine vocal tone, and adjusting vowels to sound less feminine. The list of topics includes how to project your voice, how to speak with a deeper tone, and how to cough without sounding “too girly”. Flote has been downloaded over 1000 times this year and remains free of charge.

Reasons why Rumble is a good alternative to Eva FTM

Why Rumble is a good alternative to Eva FTM. Rumble is a voice training app that provides exercises for trans men to practice their voices. Men who’ve been transitioning can use this app to train themselves in order to speak with a lower voice. In the past, they would have had to go through vocal therapy which can be very expensive not to mention time consuming. The app has been found to be more affordable and time efficient for many.

Reasons why Hooktube is a good alternative to Eva FTM

Hooktube is a great alternative to Eva FTM because it’s free and can be used on your desktop. Hooktube is a voice training app for trans men so if you’re looking for a voice training app, this might be a good option for you. The app claims to have helped over 2500 people so far so if you have any experience with other speech therapy apps, this one might work better for you as well.