Top 15 Funny Sites For Humor & Relief

What Are The Top 15 Funny Websites?

Fought with your boss? If you like to roll out on the floor and laugh to uplift your mood instantly, you ought to visit the funny sites. They troll the happenings in an area that is ridiculous and also helps us laugh. There are no limitations to the fun created by the users of those there. Whether it is the president of the United States or the cute baby boy celebrating his birthday, all kinds of embarrassments that are fun-guaranteed to the audience will be available.

What are FunnySites?

Funny sites are websites available for their users providing 100% fun. These websites help the readers to laugh out loud by updating various posts. The ideas to create fun can be in the form of videos, images, articles, or memes. The tools used can be different but the ideal purpose is to create happiness. There are millions of such websites on the web. A group of visitors daily visit these sites and get happy.

There are many genres and categories available in funny sites. You can laugh louder on the stupidity of humans, cute stupid things by pets, fail videos, and fun created on specific occasions like weddings or birthday parties. If you click a link and watch a video or read a post, you will laugh for hours. You will also spread happiness by sharing it with your friends and family members.

How funnysites do help web users?

The funny sites help the users to get rid of anxiety,depression, and stress. They make them laugh by forgetting all their worriesand tension. It is important to get away from worries to get solutions. Hencemillions of users are getting benefitted by these websites. Following are thereasons that these funny sites are popular

  • Providing the right content for the audience: Not all jokes can be funny. Hence these sites provide the right joke for the audience. The users can connect once they click and read one or two lines provided on the image.
  • Engaging and connecting fun: The posts available are connected by the audiences in their real-life incidents which make it funnier.
  • Based on the latest trends: Some of the latest political or regional happenings can be funnier which helps the audience to relate and laugh at.
  • Fun at our surroundings: Most funny things happen around us and the pictures of them are funnier. You can connect those pictures with some of your incidents to laugh.

Top 15 Funny Sites You Should Check Now To Have Fun

Check the top 15 funny sites you can visit to havefun.

It is the funniest website that is estimated to have amonthly visitorโ€™s count of 18,500,000. The Compete Rank of the website amongothers is 990 and the Quantcast rank is 275. It is considered the funniestwebsite by many visitors and the Alexa rank offered is 1026. It was founded byLeo Resig, the CEO of Resignation Media, LLC.

It is the next popular funnies website with estimatedmonthly visitors of around 17,500,000. It holds the Compete Rank of 1288,Quantcast rank of 288, and 734th rank in Alexa. The website was founded in theyear 2005 by Jack Oโ€™ Brien and the present owner is E.W.Scripps.

The Break Website is one of the popular funny websiteowned by Break Media. Around 15,000,000 visitors visit the site. It has beenranked 1091 in Compete Rank, 72nd in Quantcast rank, and 1466 in Alexa rank.

You can find the amazing funny pictures and celebritymemes on this website. It has around 14,500,000 monthly visitors turning up. Itis at the 977th position in Compete Rank. It stands at 1854th in Alexa Rank and200th in Quantcast rank. This entertainment website is launched in the year2001 by Eric Bauman, based in Seattle Washington.

This is also one of the top 15 funny sites where youcan find unique and funny videos. Around 11,000,000 estimated monthly visitorsvisit this site. It scored 621st in Compete Rank, 731st in Quantcast rank, and1823rd in Alexa. It was founded in the year 2007 by the popular Gary SanchezProductions.

It is commonly known as โ€˜I Can Have Cheezburgerโ€™ byEric Nakagawa from Hawaii in 2007. Around 10,500,000 monthly visitors visittheir blog. It scored 1856th rank in Compete rank, 335rd In Quantcast rank, and1013rd in Alexa rank.

It is the funniest page on the internet and you couldhave laughed already by seeing one of the memes from this page. It has anestimate of 10,000,000 monthly visitors. It ranks 370th in Compete Rank, 660thin Quantcast Rank, and 2298th in Alexa Rank.

Around 9,500,000 monthly visitors are estimated tovisit the page every month. It has scored 1470th in Compete Rank, 240th inQuantcast rank, and 1765th in Alexa Rank. It is one of the most popular funnywebsite founded by IAC based in Los Angeles.

It is estimated that around 9,000,000 monthly visitorsturn up to visit this page. It ranks 1838th in Compete Rank, 195th in QuantcastRank, and 2345th in Alexa Rank. It was founded as a media company in 1988 andthe CEO of the website is Mike McAvoy.

It is one of the most popular funny websites and ispopular among social media. The average monthly visitors visiting 9GAG site isaround 8,500,000 and it scored 2042nd in Compete Rank. The Quantcast rank is2503 and Alexa rank is 255.

Around 6,000,000 visitors are estimated to visit thisevery month. It has scored 2542 in Compete Rank, 1400th in Quantcast Rank, and2346th in Alexa Rank.

Around 4,500,000 visitors visit this site and have funevery month. It has scored the Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, and Alexa Rank of1675, 400, and 4638 respectively.

The estimated unique monthly visitors of this site arearound 3,750,000. It has scored the Compete Rank of 5782, Quantcast Rank of1100, and Alexa Rank of 1806.

Around 3,500,000 monthly visitors visit this site. Therankings of the site in the Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, and Alexa Rank are5315, 2476, and 2688 respectively.

The monthly visitors visiting this site are estimatedto be 3,000,000. The compete rank of the site is 4500 and the Quantcast rank is566. The Alexa rank of the site is 5452.

 These are the top 15 funny sites you shouldcheck out immediately.