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Best 15 Health Sites of 2020 For Free Online Medical Guides

Taking goodcare of your health is the sole concern of man. Due to the economy taking adigital stand, health information nowadays is completely available online. Fromconsulting the doctors to taking note of proper medications, such health sitesare actually a boon to human life. However, while the internet is flooded withso many health websites that are constantly in competition with others, thereare only a few which appeals to the minds of the users. Before gaining moreknowledge about various health sites, let us look at some of the other factorsthat are quite essential.

What are the top health sites?

Top healthsites simply refer to those websites that attract huge visitors only because alot of information about various health problems are available. In addition tothat, the developers have created a special way to handle these sites andtherefore, traffic management is constantly improving. Such sites can be loggedin at any significant time and health consultations can be carried on.

How do the top health sites work andwhy is it useful for the audience?

It is knownto all individuals that waiting at the clinic for appointments can be prettysavage. However, with the availability of top health sites, free consultationsalong with remedies are available just at your fingertips. In order to do so,you must be able to type the health issue and immediately the top sites startcoming to the search engine. You can simply click on the site that you visitand there you have all the information listed.

The use ofsuch sites can only be assessed once you start using them. For every user whologs on to the health sites, you can register and receive daily news every day.In this way, you can track your health too and improve your lifestyle for thesake of improved living. Thus, the content provided by the top health sitescannot be neglected!

Listing of top 15 health sites

In order tokeep a health site at the top of the search engine, various tools are used in acumulative manner. However, some of the sites have constantly maintained theposition to the top category. In order to find out what are the top health sites, let us look at the following that isbriefly listed:

A site that stands on thetop of the health sites is WebMD. This website per day receives around 80million visitors owing to its great transparency. Its Alexa ranking is 333,while its Quantcast and complete rank are 72 and 63.

NIH too happens todisplay quite a lot of health information and thus, it attracts around 55million visitors. Its Alexa rank is 308. The complete rank and the Quantcastrank is 111 and 176 respectively.

Yahoo health belongs tothe top 3 health sites. On average, the site has 50 million visitors with theAlexa rank of 994. The complete rank is 220 and the Quantcast rank is 260.

Mayo Clinic makes itquite easy for users to search for any health issue. Per day, there are around30 million visitors. The Alexa rank is 994, the complete rank is 166 andQuantcast rank is 156

The net traffic ofmedicine net is around 25 million visitors. Its Alexa ranking is 1641. Thecomplete rank and Quantcast rank is 265 and 220 respectively.

Drugs records 22 millionvisitors daily. Its health information is beneficial to all its users and thus,its Alexa rank is 2266, while its complete rank and Quantcast rank is 254 and73.

On a daily note, everydayhealth receives 18 million visitors. The Alexa rank is 2741 and the completerank and Quantcast rank is 179 and 356.

On the list of top healthsites is Health grades. It’s per day visitors is around 17 million. The Alexaranking is 2703, complete rank is 256 and Quantcast rank is 366.

Healthline is able toprovide all health-related information with clarity. The Alexa rank is 3046,while the complete rank and Quantcast rank is 563 and 421. This site attracts16 million visitors daily.

Mercola is again one ofthe best health sites to rely on. The expected number of visitors per day is 15million. The Alexa rank number is 1889, while the complete rank and Quantcastrank is 1452 and 754.

The estimated visitornumber is 15 million per day. Health’s Alexa rank number is 2518. The completerank and the Quantcast rank is 1198 and 464 respectively.

The mind-body green siteattracts 10 million visitors and has an Alexa rank of 2724. The complete rankand the Quantcast rank is 2067 and 323 respectively.

The Medscape health siteis very transparent and helps users in dealing with lots of health issues. TheAlexa rank is 1608, the complete rank is 1041 and Quantcast rank is 815. Perday, around 9 million visitors seek help from this site.

Rxlist health sitesattract 7 million visitors per day. Its Alexa rank is 6024 and complete rank is642. The Quantcast rank is 476.

Last on the list of top health sites is medical news today. Youcan see its Alexa ranking being 4817. The complete rank and Quantcast rank is1755 and 2246. Every day, this site can attract 6 million visitors.

Understanding the necessity of onlinehealth sites:

It is really extraordinary to find all sorts of health content online. Suppose you have a fever and you are in need of some urgent medications, just open any one of the top health sites and know what to do about it.

Therefore, the simplification of the availability of information has improved the online medical atmosphere. In short, health sites have helped individuals overcome diseases without any hassle.