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Watch Movies With Your Peers Sitting At Home Using Rabbit 

Rabbit lets you stream from all the popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and every other website which offers video streaming service. What it does is it amalgamates video with chat service, and allows up to ten people to share the same screen.


You can watch TV shows, movies, documentaries with your friends sitting in a different location. Rabbit can come very handy in your professional pursuits as well, you can share the screen with your team members, colleagues and work together on your projects. Once you start to use it, you will automatically find its other utilities. 

Starting off

To use Rabbit, you need to have an account on their portal. You can directly go to their website and sign up. For a smoother experience, you can download Rabbit client software. When you use client software, you have the advantage to save your preferences. Signing up Rabbit is very easy, you can create your account using your e-mail or you can directly sign in using your social media accounts. Once you have successfully created your account, you will get a verification e-mail, you need to verify your e-mail to start using their services. All you need to do is to just click on the link given in verification mail.

How to use it?

Once you sign in, you will see the Rabbit icon in the centre of the screen within a box. On top of the box, you will see a pop-up saying ‘rabbit launch pad’. The moment you click on the launchpad, you get a URL bar, from there you can access all the streaming platforms.  

Find Top 10
Rabbit Alternatives and Similar Apps and Websites

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Airtime   Android
Free Website
2 Web   Freemium Website
3 &chill Web   Free Website
4 Web   Free Website
5 6IRCNet Synchtube Web



  Free Website
6 Sync Video Web
Firefox Free Website
7 Gaze Web   Free Website
8 Explorii – Watch Together   Android
Free Website
9 Hubs by Mozilla Web   Free Website
10 ShareTube Web
YouTube Free Website
11 Watch2Gether Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps   Online Free with limited functionality Website
12 Netflix Party Chrome Mac
Free Website
13 SyncTube Web   Free Website
14 Rave   Android
Android Tablet
Free Website
15 Web YouTube Free Website
16 CyTube Web   Free Website
17 Togethr TV Web   Free Website
18 Kast   Mac
Chrome OS
Free Website
19 Uptime Discontinued iPhone Free Website
20 Metastream Web Mac
Chrome OS
Free Website
21 Chrono Web   Free Website
22 DJ Clique Web   Free Website
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