Synthesia Alternative: A Guide To Free Alternatives

Are you looking for an alternative to Synthesia? This article will provide a guide to free alternatives. These programs are free and offer many of the same features as synthesia. You’ll find that this list is not just limited to music education software, but also includes other types of programs like video editing and photo editing tools.

Here Some Best Alternative To Synthesia

1. Piano From Above

2. Musicope

3. Linthesia

4. Rosegarden

5. Perfect Piano

6. Flowkey

7. LilyPond

Piano From Above

Piano From Above is a free synthesis alternative that can be used on laptops, tablets, and phones. Piano From Above works great for people who are trying to use music as therapy because it focuses more on helping with physical motor skills instead of just practicing the instrument. It lets you learn how to play piano by following an animated display of hands moving along keys on the screen in unison with your own movements – hence “from above”. This program has dozens of songs included out-of-the-box, including popular tunes like Hotel California or Solfeggietto (Theme from “The Beautiful Country”).

Feature Of Piano From Above

1. Piano From Above is a free app for iOS and Android 

2. It provides a piano keyboard that can be used in any orientation, including upside down 

3. The keys are color-coded to match the notes on sheet music 

4. It has multiple modes of play, such as chords and scales


1. It’s a fun way to learn music 

2. You can teach your kids or students how to play the piano 

3. It helps you become more creative and innovative 

4. You’ll be able to listen to classical music on a regular basis


1. It’s not an actual piano 

2. The keys are too high for small children to reach 

3. There is no way to adjust the height of the keyboard 

4. The sound quality is poor


Musicope is a free and open-source program for learning to play the piano, developed by computer science professor Dan Trueman. It features several modes of teaching: from beginner basics to more advanced techniques like playing chords or singing melodies. The interface displays both keyboard layouts (standard and grand) as well as notation with sheet music, so that you can see what you’re doing on your screen at all times. Musicope has been updated recently with support for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 98 platforms in addition to Mac OS X Leopard – it’s also available right now in an alpha release version running on Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS desktops and tablets!

Feature Of Musicope

1. Musicope is a free music player 

2. It has an intuitive interface 

3. You can play all your favorite songs and artists without paying for them 

4. There are no ads or in-app purchases 

5. The app is available on Android, iOS, and the web


1. Musicope is a free service 

2. You can create your own playlists 

3. It’s easy to use and navigate 

4. There are no ads or interruptions while listening to music


1. Musicope is only available on iOS devices 

2. You have to pay for every song you want to download 

3. Some of the songs are not free


Linthesia is an app that helps you learn how to play the piano. It turns your iPad into a virtual keyboard and has some tools for creating custom music sheets with automatic scrolling and playback features as well. You could get it free from the App Store by clicking on this link:

To be able to use Linthesia without paying money, you need to sign up using email or Facebook – there’s no option for signing in through Google+. Once signed in, just go ahead and download the app!

Feature Of Linthesia

1. Linthesia is a language-learning app that teaches you languages by playing games 

2. It has an adaptive system that adjusts to your level of knowledge, so it’s always challenging and fun 

3. You can also learn vocabulary through flashcards or by typing in words for translation 

4. The app offers a variety of different learning methods, including audio lessons and text translations


1. Linthesia is a natural way to relieve pain 

2. You can take it anytime, anywhere 

3. Linthesia has no side effects and is safe for all ages 

4. It’s the only product that actually works


1. Linthesia is expensive 

2. It can be difficult to find a doctor who offers the service 

3. There are no studies on its effectiveness


Rosegarden is a free, open-source sequencer application. It supports MIDI recording and playback via an integrated editor as well as audio editing capabilities for both samples and file formats of up to 24 bits per sample (and arbitrary frame sizes). There are many other features that can be accessed by using the program’s text console or GUI widgets. Rosegarden has been ported to Windows, MacOS X, Linux/Unix systems such as RISC OS and Haiku,[14] FreeBSD[15] , AmigaOne computers running MorphOS,[16][17] AROS Research Operating System,[18] Pandora handhelds with monochrome screens.[19][20], Nintendo Wii,[21].

Feature Of Rosegarden

1. Rosegarden is a music composition and editing environment 

2. It features an audio engine for MIDI playback, recording, and sequencing 

3. The program also includes MIDI editing capabilities 

4. It supports the following file formats: SMF (Standard MIDI File), RSEQ (Rosegarden Sequence)


1. It is free to download 

2. There are many different features, including MIDI and audio recording capabilities 

3. You can add effects such as reverb and chorus to your recordings 

4. The interface is intuitive and easy to use


1. It is difficult to use 

2. It is not user-friendly 

3. You have to buy a lot of plugins in order for it to work properly

Perfect Piano

If you are a beginner and want an easy-to-use synthesia alternative, the free program “Perfect Piano” is a great option. It has many different features such as MIDI recording capabilities, audio recordings, effects (such as reverb), user interface, etc. However it’s not very intuitive to use for beginners.

Many people love this software because of its simplicity and that they can make their music without having to purchase any plugins or instruments separately; however some find it difficult to work with due to less functionality than other programs on the market today.

Feature Of Perfect Piano

1. Perfect Piano is a free piano app for Android and iOS devices 

2. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times worldwide 

3. The app features two modes: Free Play, which allows you to play the piano without any restrictions; and Challenge Mode, where you can play along with songs from your favorite artists 

4. You can also share your creations via Facebook or Twitter


1. Perfect Piano is a free app 

2. It has an intuitive interface 

3. The sound quality is high-quality 

4. You can play in time with the music by tapping on the beat or clicking the tempo button 

5. You can record and share your performances


1. You have to practice 

2. It can be expensive 

3. It’s not portable


Flowkey is a free, open-source website for learning to play the piano. It has over 200 free lessons and exercises available including music by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Debussy. The site features interactive tools that make it easier to learn how to read sheet music with helpful visualizations. There are also animated tutorials on chords and scales as well as different aspects of playing the piano such as posture or fingering techniques. New users can sign up for an account using Facebook so they don’t have to enter any personal information before starting their first lesson!

Feature Of Flowkey

1. Flowkey is a new way to learn piano 

2. It’s designed for people of all ages and abilities 

3. You can use Flowkey on your computer, tablet or phone 

4. There are no long lessons or expensive teachers needed


1. Flowkey is a free app for your phone or tablet 

2. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument 

3. You can find the right music teacher in your area and book lessons with them on the app 

4. Lessons are booked by the minute, so you only pay when you’re learning


1. Flowkey is not available in all countries 

2. You have to pay for the service on a monthly basis 

3. The app is only compatible with Android devices 

4. There are no free trial periods or discounts


This is a free, open-source application for learning to play the piano. It’s designed for people of all ages and abilities, so you don’t have to be an expert musician in order to use this program. You can access Flowkey on your computer or tablet from any internet connection, which makes it easy to learn no matter where you are – whether at home or abroad with Wi-Fi. There are also free online lessons available through both YouTube and Spotify that will teach beginner musicians how they can start playing songs within minutes of their first lesson. The best part about using Flowkey is that there aren’t long lessons required because everything is done in short bursts; instead of having one 45 minute lesson once a week.

Feature Of LilyPond

1. LilyPond is a music engraving program 

2. It was originally developed in the mid-1990s by David Rolfe 

3. The name “Lily” comes from the lilypond plant, which has linear leaves that resemble musical staves; “pond” refers to its ability to produce beautiful sheet music with a single command


1. LilyPond is a powerful, yet easy to use music typesetting program 

2. You can create sheet music in any language with the help of an international community 

3. It’s free and open source software that runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X 

4. The interface is intuitive for beginners and experts alike 

5. It supports many languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


1. The LilyPond notation is often difficult to read 

2. It’s not as popular as other music software 

3. There are fewer tutorials available for it