9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Dism++ & Comparisons

Dism++ Dism++ is a free portable Windows optimizer and manager. Created by Chuyu Team DISM ++ Product Features:- System Optimizer – tweak various sytem-wide settings.

The Best Tool for Windows: DISM

DISM full form is Deployment image servicing management. In short, it’s written like DISM.exe. It is a command-line tool that can be used to service and prepare for window images including for those who are using these windows i.e. Windows PE, Windows Recovery Environment, and the window setup. The DISM is used to service the window image (.wim) or for the virtual hard disk (.vhd or .vhdx) This application comes to built-in windows and it’s also available through the command line or from the window PowerShell. If you want to learn more about DISM with PowerShell then you have to check DISM Cmdlets.

What are the image requirements for DISM?

This application can be used for mount and service of any window image from the .wim file, .ffu file, .vhd file, and for the .vhdx file. This is also used to update a running operations system. The DISM can be used with the older window images file but this cannot be used with those images which are more recent than the installed version of DISM. It can also be used to service window images starting with window 7, windows server 2008 R2, and their associated version which is WinPE and WinRE. The service and command of DISM are based on the image and which window operating system you are servicing or it also depends on offline or on a currently running operating system. There are so many platform and architecture types to see the DISM listing.

Common Servicing and Management Scenarios

  • When you are managing data then you have included a window image such as enumerating our inventory of components, updates, and drivers of the application. By this application, you can capture, split and append and also you can delete an image.

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Dism++ & Comparisons 1 Cybertron Privacy Eraser   Windows Freemium Website
2 9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Dism++ & Comparisons 2 Mobile Doctor   iPhone
Apple Watch
Free Website
3 9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Dism++ & Comparisons 3 Avast Cleanup   Android
Commercial Website
4 9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Dism++ & Comparisons 4 Eusing Cleaner   Windows Free Website
5 AppleJack   Mac Free Website
6 CCleaner Alternatives and Similar Software   Mac
Android Tablet
Free with limited functionality Website
7 9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Dism++ & Comparisons 5 NTLite   Windows Freemium Website
8 9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Dism++ & Comparisons 6 Clean Doctor   iPhone
Free Website
9 9 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Dism++ & Comparisons 7 AVS Registry Cleaner   Windows Free Website

Features of DISM

  • The DISM supports the full flash update.FFU format which not only captures applies but also an entire drive in it you can also include partition information. This can also make your deployment faster and easier.
  • With the DISM application package, you can allow you to request service for example .NET or language without specifying the version.
  • By using this application version you can search multiple sources like window update or corporate service to find and install the latest version.
  • It also compresses the operating system and saves the space of window images by running the operating system. It also supports other system files from the compressed files. These spaces are WINboot features from window 8.1.

Frequently Asked Question

What is DISM?

It’s basically a command-line tool that can be used to service the window image and also prepare a window pre-installation Environment image.

How to use DISM in Windows 10?

Now you can use DISM with the Window 10 in the folder c:\windows\system32 and you can run the DISM command from any location. You have to run this command prompt as an administrator to use DISM. This is a new feature in DISM with window 10.

Reasons why Mobile Doctor is a good alternative to Dism++

  • When you need to free up space and can’t install a new version of Windows
  • When you need to recover lost files & folders
  • When you’re running out of disk space on your laptop, but don’t want to upgrade your processor
  • When you need to copy over your data from one computer to another
  • When you’re using an old

Reasons why Avast Cleanup is a good alternative to Dism++

  • Avast Cleanup is free, whereas Dism
  • requires a paid license
  • Avast Cleanup requires fewer system resources and won’t slow down your computer like Windows optimizers do
  • Avast Cleanup is lighter and easier to use than other Windows optimizers
  • Avast Cleanup offers more features than other Windows optimizers

Reasons why Eusing Cleaner is a good alternative to Dism++

  • Eusing Cleaner is free
  • Eusing Cleaner is less resource intensive than Dism
  • Eusing Cleaner has more features than Dism
  • Eusing Cleaner does not require installation of Windows updates
  • Eusing Cleaner has improved performance
  • Eusing Cleaner can be used on both Windows and Linux machines

Reasons why AppleJack is a good alternative to Dism++

  • It’s free!
  • It works on Windows 7 and XP
  • Easy installation
  • Works in the background, so it’s easy to use
  • The interface is easy to use
  • There are a few bugs but they’re not too big

Reasons why CCleaner is a good alternative to Dism++

  • CCleaner can be run from a USB drive
  • It has a one-click option
  • Command line operation is supported
  • CCleaner includes a registry cleaner
  • CCleaner supports other languages including German, French and Russian
  • It can clean up after other programs