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Best 15 Car & Automotive Websites | Most Popular & Trustworthy

What Are Car or Vehicle Websites?

Car sites are sites that have car revies, information, or news related tocars. Some of these sites even have the feature of price listings where anyonecan view the prices and different dealerships where they are offered. There aresome car sites that even allow users to purchase cars online.

These are simply sites that contain all the information about cars. Thereare numerous car websites that are available on the internet which makes iteasier for people to get reviews, information, price listings, and so much morewhile sitting at their homes.

How Do Car Sites Work And How Are They Helpful To The People?

Car sites are constantly updated by the owners with the latest info,news, and reviews about cars. After they upload these, the visitors can viewit. The sites that provide price listings get uploaded with the market pricesof different cars and then the users can check and compare them. Some sitesalso allow users to list their old cars for sale.

Expert reviews are also updated on some of these sites that are reallyhelpful for the users. They inform the viewers about the pros and cons of avehicle. They can also get buying tips on such sites. This makes it very easyfor everyone to choose and buy a car for themselves.

These sites are super helpful for the people as they provide all the information that the user might require. They also have the feature of comparisons so that the users can compare cars and then choose the one that they like. People can do so much with the help of these sites without even going out of their homes.

Here Are The Best 15 Websites In Car Niche

The estimated traffic data for the websites below are calculated in month-wise (not daily).

01- Yahoo! Autos:-

  • Complete Rank:- 140
  • Quantcast Rank:- 413
  • Total Traffic:-25,000,000/month

Yahoo Autos is a part of Yahoo!. Yahoo Autos has the latest information and news about different cars on their website. It is one of the most famous car sites as it provides generic news and info since Yahoo was born.

02- Auto Trader:-

  • Complete Rank:- 218
  • Quantcast Rank:- 384
  • Total Traffic:- 15,500,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 9

Auto Trader is an online site where users can list or buy vehicles. Thereare numerous new and used vehicles available on the site for purchase. It iskind of a marketplace where users can sell or buy cars. The site also providesthe benefit of comparison. 

03- KBB:-

  • Complete Rank:- 156
  • Quantcast Rank:- 330
  • Total Traffic:- 15,000,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 19

KBB or Kelley Blue Book is a website that providesinformation about the fair prices of new or used cars. This is a great site foreveryone as it allows the user to know the true value of his car if he intendsto sell it.

04- Cars:-

  • Complete Rank:- 156
  • Quantcast Rank:- 330
  • Total Traffic:- 14,500,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 14

Cars is another great website for getting informationrelated to cars. The website has automotive classifications. It is one of themost popular sites in the field.

05- Edmunds:-

  • Complete Rank:- 317
  • Quantcast Rank:- 245
  • Total Traffic:- 14,000,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 31

Edmunds provides prices for new and used vehiclesand also has a listing of dealerships. The site also has reviews and tips aboutdifferent cars.

06- AutoBlog:-

  • Complete Rank:- 918
  • Quantcast Rank:- 1390
  • Total Traffic:- 5,500,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 14

AutoBlog is a site that provides differentinformation about cars and how to take care of them. People can go to the siteand get the best tips and reviews.

07- Car Gurus:-

  • Complete Rank:- 603
  • Quantcast Rank:- 936
  • Total Traffic:- 5,250,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 5

Car Gurus allows the users to view and compare theprice listings for new and used vehicles from different sellers. Users can alsocontact sellers with the help of the website.

08- Jalopnik:-

  • Complete Rank:- 3039
  • Quantcast Rank:- 455
  • Total Traffic:- 5,000,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 38

If anyone is passionate about cars and looking for the latest news on automotive industry, then Jalopnik is the perfect site for him/her. Jalopnik provides information, reviews, news, and tips about almost every car.

09- CarMax:-

  • Complete Rank:- 712
  • Quantcast Rank:- 670
  • Total Traffic:- 4,500,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 29

CarMax is a website where people can sell or buyused and new cars. The users can list their cars for sale or choose from thelisted cars to purchase it.

10- MotorTrend:-

  • Complete Rank:- 1,145
  • Quantcast Rank:- 1,551
  • Total Traffic:- 4,000,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 100

Motor Trend is a site where users can find the bestcar reviews and car buying tips for themselves.

11- CarAndDriver:-

  • Complete Rank:- 2065
  • Quantcast Rank:- 1594
  • Total Traffic:- 3,250,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 42

CarAndDriver is a great website for the latest carreviews. The site even provides the users with news and a buyers guide thatcould help them while purchasing a car.

12- CarFax:-Β

  • Complete Rank:- 905
  • Quantcast Rank:- 2937
  • Total Traffic:- 3,000,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 12

CarFax provides a report about cars. This reportincludes various aspects of the car like safety. The vehicle history report isone of the most famous services provided by this site.

13- The Car Connection:-

  • Complete Rank:-2947
  • Quantcast Rank:-1867
  • Total Traffic:- 2,750,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 310

The CarConnection provides the price listing for different new and used cars. The sitehas a research section where you can get all sorts of information aboutwhichever car you wish.

14- CarsDirect:-

  • Complete Rank:- 814
  • Quantcast Rank:- 4,115
  • Total Traffic:- 2,500,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 186

Cars direct was one of the first online sites thatallowed users to purchase cars online. You can purchase a car from this site,there is no need to go to a dealership to buy it.

15- TopSpeed:-

  • Complete Rank:- 6,439
  • Quantcast Rank:- 7,092
  • Total Traffic:- 2,000,000
  • SimilarWeb Rank:- 249

Topspeed is among the most famous car sites. The site has car-relatednews and reviews. The site majorly focuses on luxury cars.

These were the top 15 car sites from around the world based on thetraffic that they receive. Anyone can get all sorts of information related tocars on these sites.