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Top 15 Most Popular Music Websites One Must Try

Music is a form of art which plays an integral as well as an essential role in people’s lives. There are a wide variety of musical genres present all around the globe right from pop music to rock music, electric music to jazz tunes, classical rhythms to country music, heavy metal to funk-pop, instrumental to trance music and what all not.

What are music sites?

The definition of a perfect musical melody is different for different individuals but they can be put in together under the same roofs by combining them and collecting them under the music streaming sites or applications thereby allowing the user’s or the music enthusiasts to stream all their favorite songs at one-stop-shop.

How do the music websites work and why is there a need for them?

These sites help in delivering theaudio of one’s favorite song right into their device at a single selectionclick. Thanks to the contemporary technologies and the recent music sites thatnow; one can listen to their favorite music at their choice almost immediatelyupon selection.  As for its working is tobe considered the audio profile is being sent to your device in the forms ofsmall packets which playback almost straight away. As far as these packets keepdelivering without any interruption the music keeps on playing without anyhindrances.

The Top 15Most Popular Music Sites

Here is the list of the Top 15 Most Popular Music Sites whichone must try. These streaming sites are as follows:

01- Pandora: Pandora is one of the best music and podcast streaming platform present online. The site provides its user’s with highly personalized and curated music videos and audios based upon their search activities and the type of music the user is interested in listening. It is the largest music provider in the United States with the following rankings:

  • 72 – competent ranking
  • 60 – Quantcast rank
  • 219 –  Alexa rank
  • And engagement of over 72 crore unique monthly visitors

02- Yahoo music: yahoo music is a music streaming company owned by yahoo itself. It provides the user with a variety of services like the internet radio, artist information’s, news stations and of course the option to stream the audiobooks. The ranking of the yahoo music are as follows:

  • 100 – competent ranking
  • 300 – Quantcast ranking
  •  And engagement of over 55 crore unique monthly users

03- Google Play Music: Google’s music venture the Google play music is an online podcast and music streaming service bought to the masses by the google LLC services. User’s having a Google account can either upload or even listen to the songs out of 50,000 songs available at absolutely no cost. The rankings of Google Play are :

  • 150 – competent ranking
  • 350 – quantcast ranking
  • And engagement of over 52 crore unique monthly users

04- Soundcloud: Soundcloud is a platform which is one of the largest music distributors and music sharing website. It traces its roots back to Berlin in Germany. The application allows its users to promote, upload and even share the audios and playlists. The ranking of SoundCloud on various rating platform is as follows:

  • 328 –  competent ranking
  • 177  – Alexa ranking
  • And engagement of over 50 crore  unique monthly users

05- Spotify: Spotify is a media company from Sweden. The primary function of the company is to enable music streaming and podcasts through various music and record labels. The rankings of Spotify are as follows:

  • 106 – competent ranking
  • 930 – quantcast ranking
  • 300 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 35 crore  unique monthly users

06- My space: my space is a social networking site which works on an interactive interface of user submitted posts and vocals. The mobile application of My space allows the user to play radio channels, follow different genres and also own a station. The rankings of My space are as follows:

  • 110 – competent ranking
  • 716 – quantcast ranking
  • 1,675 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 16  crore  unique monthly users

07- TuneIn: TuneIn is one of the best music streaming platforms with a collection of 120,000 streaming stations. It is in internet radio station providing a wide variety of choice to choose from and play your favorite music just upon your choice. The rankings of TuneIn global market are as follows:

  • 714 – competent ranking
  • 698 – quantcast ranking
  • 1,096 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 15  crore  unique monthly users

08-  This music website uses a music recommender system called as the “Audioscrobbler”. Through this the software records your music interests and the types of tracks the person likes to hear and on that basis recommends latest or some old tracks of the same genre to the user. It is rated as follows on various ranking websites:

  • 1,034 – competent ranking
  • 1,252 – quantcast ranking
  • 1,198 – Alexa ranking
  • And engagement of over 13 crore  unique monthly users

09- iHeart : iHeart is a podcast and streaming radio broadcast platform. It is basically free however an on-demand music play would require a subscription to the ratio platform. The ranking of iHeart radio is as follows:

  • 492 – competent ranking
  • 656 – quantcast ranking
  • 2,716 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 6 crore  50 thousand unique monthly users

10- AllMusic:  it is one of the online music databases which consist of more than 30 million tracks and 3 million album entries. It is owned by the RhythmOne company and was launched for people in 1991. Its rankings are as follows:

  • 1,590 – competent ranking
  • 943 – quantcast ranking
  • 2,448 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 5 crore unique monthly users

11- Jango:  jango is an online music streaming service which is available at almost all parts of the world. The playlists are updated periodically by music experts. Through this application the person has access to various activity related playlists like one for walking, running, sleeping and also to boost the concentration levels. The rankings of Jango are as follows:

  • 2,277 – competent ranking
  • 3,000 – quantcast ranking
  • 5,493 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 2 crore  50 thousand unique monthly users

12- it is an internet radio platform which offers a free broadcast of music and podcasts to its users. The rankings of are as follows:

  • 2,211 – competent ranking
  • 2,812 – quantcast ranking
  • 9,377 – Alexa ranking
  •  And an engagement of over 1 crore  50 thousand unique monthly users

13- Songza: it also like other sites is a website or an application allowing the users to browse or stream free online music. It is created by Aza Raskinn and Scott Robbin and was headquartered in the Long Island. Google’s Alphabet bought Songza and redirected it to Play Music. The ranking of songza at various platforms are as follows:

  • 5,245 – competent ranking
  • 3,475 – quantcast ranking
  • 9,477 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 1 crore 20 thousand unique monthly users

14- Live 365: it is an internet radio and broadcasting network where the users can create their own music and upload it . It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The ranking of LIVE 365 is as follows:

  • 6, 785 – competent ranking
  • 3,565 – quantcast ranking
  • 13,796 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 1 crore unique monthly users

 15- Slacker Radio: a company of the United States and Canada Live by Live is an online music streaming platform which combines the audio often with live videos and presents them to its users. Currently, the Live by Live station is powered by Slacker. The rankings of the application are as follows:

  • 5,214 – competent ranking
  • 19,036 – quantcast ranking
  • 26, 961 – Alexa ranking
  • And an engagement of over 4 lakhs 50 thousand unique monthly users

These were some of the most popularmusic sites which should be tried if one wants to stream music and dance totheir favorite beats.